Case Study: Parliament & Policy

Our longest running campaign work, since 2007 we have been working with organisations committed to preventing the further expansion of London’s Heathrow Airport by means either of an additional runway or the more intensive use of the existing runways.

Case Study: Stakeholder Engagement

The GNGE project included the largest ever level-crossing enhancement programme undertaken by Network Rail (92 crossings along an 84 mile route) and the reconstruction and renewal of 68 bridges – a programme of works adversely impacting on a broad range of stakeholders.

Case Study: Public Affairs Campaign

We were asked by the UK’s only remaining manufacturer of passenger trains to coordinate a campaign for its survival following the award of a huge train fleet contract to an overseas competitor.

We worked with the company’s leaders and in-house communications team to liaise with MPs, peers, local authorities, trades unions, journalists, the business community and members of the public in the creation – from a standing start – of the biggest industrial campaign in a generation.