With an increasing focus on the internet and social media as public affairs and PR campaigning platforms as well as a vital tools for sales and marketing efforts, Cogitamus is proud to be associated with leading edge new media consultancy Jigowatt as a trusted partner in these fields.

With a working relationship in it’s 11th year – less than 2 years after the launch of Cogitamus – the team at Jigowatt have seen the successful development of our business.

Supporting the growth with regular website updates, custom functionality and technical assistance, website hosting, on-paper advertising, promotional material, stationery and even the annual Christmas emails – Cogitamus have utilised almost all of the services that Jigowatt provide.

Most important we feel is the trust that has built between the two companies. We know that Jigowatt will react quickly to requests and work professionally and passionately at all times.

Athene and Cogitamus have been working in partnership since 2017. Based in Peterborough, Athene specialise in PR, Education PR, internal communications, and stakeholder engagement, working with a range of clients throughout the UK and the rest of the world.Working collaboratively on major infrastructure projects, Athene and Cogitamus have complemented one another, with Athene offering PR and DCO consultation experience, combined with Cogitamus’s public affairs experience.Athene’s stakeholder engagement team has worked on multiple projects in the housing, commercial and major infrastructure sectors.Our work with Athene over the years has been one of trust and reliability. Working together to ensure that projects are successful and delivered with efficiency and accuracy