Our longest running campaign work, since 2007 we have been working with organisations committed to preventing the further expansion of London’s Heathrow Airport by means either of an additional runway or the more intensive use of the existing runways.

Our political and parliamentary advice and engagement work with the alliance of community, local and environmental groups over the years has helped secure a number of key policy victories as the issue evolved – including cross-party rejection of the ‘mixed mode’ proposal (which would have allowed aircraft to take off and land from the two runways simultaneously, thus depriving local people of the respite from noise), and rejection of the third runway proposal by the Conservative-Lib Dem coalition government.

As the policy position on the proposed third runway development has evolved over time, so has the focus of our work – including assistance with tailored messaging, supportive research, and the broadening out of campaign work to include the SNP group at Westminster and the Scottish Government.

Within the framework of the climate crisis, and with renewed attention back on transport policy and infrastructure projects, we continue to advise and assist organisations working for a better rather than a bigger Heathrow.

Service elements: message development, policy development, event management, parliamentary relations, contact programmes, select committee evidence, legislation, scotland