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Navigating the fast-changing political landscape following the decision of the British people to leave the European Union.

Making the most of new opportunities flowing from changes to public procurement and the development of a new industrial strategy by the UK Government.

Helping organisations to make their case to the UK Government and the devolved administrations for what a post-Brexit UK should look like.

In the second half of 2016, Cogitamus has already assisted two major transport technology businesses to win substantial orders against the background of change and uncertainty triggered by the EU Referendum.


Mobilising political, media and public opinion behind important causes for community groups, trades unions, local authorities and businesses

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Coalition Building

Deploying our knowledge of the political landscape to reach out to allies and supporters for our clients’ objectives

Contact Programmes

Organising a systematic approach to getting to know the right people with the right degree of knowledge and influence on a subject, and then doing the hard work of arranging the meetings

Crisis Management

Knowing how to keep our heads when our clients get into choppy waters, managing the media and the politics of a situation to protect their reputations and their morale

Event Management

Planning and managing launch events for publications, reports or products – especially when these take place at political party or similar conferences


The production of information films, videos and presentations for use with internal, external and media audiences and for industry award submissions – all to the highest professional standards

Industrial Relations

Drawing upon our unique experience from both sides of the bargaining table to help resolve disagreements between industrial partners honourably

Internal Communications

Assisting organisations to communicate instructions, messages and progress reports to employees, contractors and partners, with special expertise in large multi-company project delivery alliances


Using our vast experience of the legislative process to help our clients have their views about forthcoming laws taken into account by ministers and civil servants, and then properly considered by parliaments and assemblies during the passage of Bills

Message Development

Convening intensive sessions with our clients to work out clear and robust messages before launching any public affairs or media campaign

Parliamentary Monitoring

Tracking the work of MPs, MSPs and AMs along with governmental announcements and the progress of legislation in Westminster and the devolved administrations

Parliamentary Monitoring

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Parliamentary Relations

Mapping the representatives covering our clients’ locations, and then creating understanding of their businesses amongst them

Parliamentary Relations

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Policy Development

Assisting our clients in making effective representations to parliaments and assemblies or governmental departments, especially in response to consultation exercises or inquiries

Public Consultation

Systematic contact with those affected by public policy change, major planning applications or construction projects followed by clear analysis of the results

Public Procurement Support

Channelling our unrivalled experience of complex public procurement contests to align our clients with the unspoken as well as the explicit aims of awarding authorities, and writing the content of bids to articulate their proposals

Rapid Rebuttal

An end to end service of training, business process design and product delivery to equip clients with the capacity instantly to counter reputational attacks and media and public perceptions

Select Committee Evidence and Rehearsals

Making the most of these invaluable democratic searchlights into public policy through aiding our clients in submitting the best possible written evidence and giving a good account of themselves as witnesses


Offering a complete replication of our services for UK politics to organisations wishing to interact with the Scottish Parliament and Government

Stakeholder Mapping and Engagement

Building a complete geographical or organisational picture of those with an interest in the outcome of our clients’ campaigns, bids or day to day operations

Thought Leadership

Helping our clients to find platforms in the media, online, with the political parties and with research institutions to enable their fresh ideas to be aired and their intellectual leadership to be demonstrated


Offering a complete replication of our services for UK politics to organisations wishing to interact with the Welsh Government and National Assembly