Parliamentary Relations

Mapping the representatives covering our clients’ locations or areas of operation, then communicating effectively with them to generate an understanding and appreciation of the business/organisation, their products and services, and their objectives.

Contact Programmes

Organising a systematic approach to getting to know the right people with the right degree of knowledge and influence on a subject, we organise each meeting and help our clients to prepare for them.

Select Committee
Evidence and Reharsals

Making the most of these invaluable democratic searchlights into public policy by aiding our clients in submitting the best possible written evidence and giving a good account of themselves as witnesses.


Using our comprehensive experience of the legislative process to help our clients have their views about forthcoming laws taken into account by ministers and civil servants, and then properly considered by parliaments and assemblies during the passage of Bills.

Scotland, Wales & The Isle of Man

Offering a complete replication of our services for UK politics to organisations wishing to interact with the Scottish Parliament and Government, Welsh Government and Senedd, or The Manx Government and Tynwald – helping clients tailor their messages and activities to the different political environments and sensitivities in each nation.

Case Study: Parliament & Policy

Our longest running campaign work, since 2007 we have been working with organisations committed to preventing the further expansion of London’s Heathrow Airport by means either of an additional runway or the more intensive use of the existing runways.