Whether your objective is to effect change, to shape it, or to prevent it, Cogitamus will help develop and implement your campaign and to mobilise political, media and public opinion behind you. We have worked effectively with community groups, trades unions, local authorities and businesses.

Coalition Building

Deploying our knowledge of the political landscape to identify your key stakeholders and potential allies, and to help form coalitions of interest to help achieve your objectives.

Message Development

We work intensively with clients to develop clear and robust messages, shaped and targeted to the particular interests of different audiences for maximum impact. We also conduct extensive research to identify supporting information to reinforce the key messages.

Policy Development

We assist our clients in making effective representations to parliaments and assemblies, governmental departments, and political parties to help inform the policy development process in accordance with their objectives. This includes formal responses to consultation exercises or Committee inquiries.

Thought Leadership

Helping our clients to write content and to develop platforms in the media, online, with political parties and with research and policy institutions to enable their fresh ideas to be aired and their intellectual leadership to be demonstrated.

Media Relations

An integral part of any campaign strategy, we can assist clients in developing relevant content and identifying optimal media outlets for the target audience.

Industrial Relations

Drawing upon our unique experience from both sides of the bargaining table to help resolve disagreements between industrial partners honourably and to mutual satisfaction.

Crisis Management

Knowing how to keep our heads when our clients get into choppy waters, managing the media and the politics of a situation to protect their reputations and their morale.

Rapid Rebuttal

An end-to-end service of training, business process design and product delivery to equip clients with the capacity instantly to counter reputational attacks and challenges to media and public perceptions.

Public Procurement Support

Channelling our unrivalled experience of complex public procurement contests to align our clients with the unspoken as well as the explicit aims of awarding authorities, and writing the content of bids to articulate their proposals. We can also partner with businesses to provide the stakeholder engagement element of their tender proposals.

Case Study: Parliament & Policy

We were asked by the UK’s only remaining manufacturer of passenger trains to coordinate a campaign for its survival following the award of a huge train fleet contract to an overseas competitor.

We worked with the company’s leaders and in-house communications team to liaise with MPs, peers, local authorities, trades unions, journalists, the business community and members of the public in the creation – from a standing start – of the biggest industrial campaign in a generation.