Calling All Stations with Christian Wolmar, Episode 4, Season 2

In this special episode recorded in Liverpool focused on the 2023 principal UK political party conferences, Christian and co-presenter Mark Walker discuss the Conservatives’ announcement on measures designed to protect the interests of motorists [1:10] along with the cancellation of the remaining sections of the HS2 high speed rail line and the diversion of investment funds to Network North [7:55].  We then have an extended interview about the impact of the latter announcement with Henri Murison, Chief Executive of the Northern Powerhouse Partnership [14:51].  Christian and Mark then report from Liverpool on Labour’s position in the immediate wake of the conference speech by the Shadow Transport Secretary and her reaffirmation of pledges on bus and rail reform [34:03].  Finally, Christian praises recent improvements to the rail network in the Liverpool City Region [39:23].