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Case Study: Win My Battle

Since 2007 we have been working with organisations committed to preventing the further expansion of London’s Heathrow Airport by means either of an additional runway or the more intensive use of the existing runways. The first phase of our work involved helping to make the case to the Labour Government not to allow the introduction of so-called “Mixed Mode” operation at Heathrow.  Mixed Mode would allow aircraft to take off and land from the two runways simultaneously, thus depriving local people of the respite from noise created by the present alternation of runways half way through each day.  In 2009,…

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Case Study: Secure My Idea

A trade body for the construction industry appointed us to mitigate the political impact of an investigation by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT). Phase 1 involved meeting with key politicians, officials and other relevant individuals to establish their degree of awareness of, and support for, the investigation by the OFT. Phase 2 consisted of activity to mitigate the impact of the OFT investigation so that historic malpractice by some construction companies did not lead to yet more difficulties for an industry weathering the effects of a very serious recession.  In particular, it was necessary to make Ministers and senior…

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Case Study: Find My Support

We were asked by the UK’s only remaining manufacturer of passenger trains to coordinate a campaign of protest against a Government decision to award a major contract overseas. We liaised with MPs, local authorities, trades unions, journalists and members of the public to create from a standing start the biggest industrial campaign in a generation.  Tactics deployed included parliamentary questions and debates, the first ever parliamentary inquiry into train building, Freedom of Information requests, media articles and programmes, letter-writing campaigns and the imaginative use of social media. The effect of the campaign was to trigger a complete review of UK…

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