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A veteran of the Conservatives’ elite four-person policy unit, Garvan brings unparalleled insight from his years working at the highest levels of the Party.  His ideas continue to influence the Party’s – and now the Government’s – thinking. Garvan’s work managing…

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Queen’s Speech, 18 May 2016

By Garvan Walshe, Director, Cogitamus Limited With the EU referendum the main political event of the year, and the Government’s survival dependent on winning it, the legislative agenda has receded in importance. It, however, includes a number of important measures. Legislative Programme Prison reforms, which will focus prison on rehabilitation, implemented in new “reform prisons” are by far the most significant measure in the legislative programme. Conservative Party policy since 2008, these were set aside during the Coalition government but have been revived by Michael Gove. The Prime Minister gave them his explicit endorsement this spring. As part of devolution…

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“Cogitamus are a pleasure to work with both on a professional and personal basis. We have been immensely impressed with the quality of advice and assistance we have received. They quickly grasped the essentials of the challenge facing our company and industry. They then were able to communicate highly complex technical and commercial issues through methods and language with which decision-makers and parliamentarians could readily engage and understand. Their knowledge of the inner workings of the corridors of power and their ability to predict and influence the likely behaviours of key decision-makers across all the political parties and within the…

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