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Dr Garvan Walshe


A veteran of the Conservatives’ elite four-person policy unit, Garvan brings unparalleled insight from his years working at the highest levels of the Party.  His ideas continue to influence the Party’s – and now the Government’s – thinking. Garvan’s work managing…

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House Davidson – Sigil, Tory Rampant

By Illiam Costain McCade, Director, Scotland, Cogitamus Limited Riding into the capital astride her buffalo, the uncompromising and charismatic Ruth Davidson led her army of 31 towards the Parliament, filling it to the rafters with staunch defenders of the Union, then pressed on to subjugate the dictatorial Scottish Government and hold it to account for a minimum of five years. The now firmly pro-Union crowds cheered, the separatists and swithering Labourites were vanquished, and the ever-present threat of a second referendum had been dealt a firm and deadly blow. Thus the 2016 Scottish Parliament elections ended, or so it would…

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Cogitamus has provided efficient and effective support supplementing our own public affairs capability at a time of intense activity. We have always found Mark Walker and his team to be professional and quick to respond to our needs, providing an impressive bespoke service. Their excellent Westminster contacts and informed counsel have proved to be an invaluable resource. We would have no hesitation in working with Cogitamus in the future or, indeed, in recommending their services to other organisations.